Its probably not a big secret to my readers that I smoke a lot of reefer, I have been a toker for over 30 years and after all those bong hits my lungs are not what they used to be. Cannabis is an amazing medicine and unfortunately for many smokers many of its benefits can only be taken advantage of by actually eating the Cannabis. Many of the important chemicals inside Cannabis are simply burned off in a joint and not transferred into the body where it can do some good. There are many ways to consume cannabis without smoking it. You can make Canna-butter and make baked goods with it or you can create a tincture using Glycerin but this process can take up to 2 months to complete. Now I take my meds at night in the form of canna cookies but MzJill has very sensitive taste buds and cannot stand the taste of eating weed. Even in chocolate the taste of cannabis almost makes her sick so just eating one cookie takes her like 30 minutes and she simply hates the taste. Now I simply love the high of eating Cannabis it is an all over body buzz and just completely makes my knee pain go away allowing me to sleep a full 6 hours and this allows my knee to rest up and get better each night. So while I get to enjoy a great canna buzz each night MzJill is stuck smoking late at night and that’s just not good for your lungs and make her cough more during the night. My solution for her was to make some Cannacaps so that she can simply take 2 when she has pain and not bother with eating cookies. My other thought is while I am not over weight at 180 pounds eating 2 cookies every night is added calories everyone could probably do without. How cool would it be to simply take a cannacaps when medication is needed in a public place without having to light up attracting attention just to get some pain relief?

I need to insert a warning here though about consuming baked goods for medicating. One of the best medicinal properties of smoked cannabis is the ability to titrate* the dose, meaning take the exact amount of medication (puffs) to elevate the pain or condition like spasms without getting wasted. When you consume cannabis orally it takes much longer for the drug to reach the blood stream and it can take as long as 30-45 minutes before the effects come on. With potent edibles it can come on quite strong and most first timers eat to much and get sick and never try it again. It takes your body time to get used to consuming cannabis I believe so start with very small doses and wait a full hour before increasing the dose. This will prevent any unpleasant episodes of being so high you can’t even talk, it may sound fun but trust me it is Not! You cannot die from consuming weed but I have wished I could once after eating to many cookies and being sick to my stomach all night and all day while also not being able to open my eyes.
Enough cannabis eaten can actually make one slur their words like being drunk so watch it.

I have read a good bit about this preparation and I wanted to add my guru touch and pass on the info while I am at it. We will be making two types today, one dry consisting of mainly kief and high quality shake in a Dry filled capsule. The second method will be actually cooking ground bud and kief in coco butter and adding the oil to the capsules allowing the oil to solidify.

Lets get started.

All Cannabis has a different profile or buzz and today we are going to use two strains that are very good for treating joint and muscle pain. I have found that generally Indica’s are better for pain and Sativas for treating nausea but its not set in stone and through lots of experimenting we have found certain strains that are much better for pain relief. My Favorites are Jack the Ripper for its analgesic properties and ability to numb pain at the source. The other strain I like to eat is Vortex as it has a slight motivating buzz some pain relief and a lot of anti nausea effect. When I mix the two in consumables it makes great medicine. So today we will be using mainly these two strains to make these capsules. Since I produce seeds I have a good supply of both samples that has been deseeded and is a bit harsh for smoking not good but great for extracting medicine.
Ok the first thing we want to do is grind the cannabis and remove all sticks, and larger hard pieces using a screen I slowly work my hands across the weed until the finest dust falls though. I then use a kief box to make collect some resin heads ( kief). I mix about 3 grams of ground cannabis and 2 grams of kief to ½ gram of Red Pepper and ½ gram ginger. There is a product on the market that includes other additives that help the absorption called Canebrex but I am pretty much a hands on kinda guy and I wanted to see what kind of results I could get myself. I am sure there system has more science behind it so it wouldnt hurt to give a product like theres a try if you have the extra cash. Once this is done I placed both piles in a pan lined with foil the mixture is baked at225 for 20 minutes, this activates and removes c02 as well. Its important not to over heat the weed or heat it for to long the goal here is just to activate the THC and other canabanoids present in the oils inside the cannabis.
I purchased a capsule making kit from a health food store and some 00 size gel caps so to fill with the mixture. Once the pan is dry I place the Capsule filling kit in a glass pie pan to catch the over spill and use a plastic card to work the mix into all the capsules.
I will save the time of the capsule making instructions there spelled out on any kit you will buy you simply fill and press together. They pop out the other side and walah! You have easy to transport herbal medication ready to consume.

Coco Capsules
Now this next method is more work so unless they knock us out this is the only time we will use this method. Not to mention I used a pile of dry dank JTR and Apollo-13 top shelf unseeded BUDS! I want to make sure these are as potent as possible in case the dry capsules are a failure so I even added some of the kief in. Now I have to warn you as the coco butter melted and I started stirring and warming the mix it produced a simply horrid smell, you’d think it would smell nice but the warmer the oil got the worse it became and I had to open a window fast so be prepared for this if you try this method. Again be careful not to over heat the mix as THC will degrade at temps over 220 very fast and you can ruin your medicine if you rush it. I sautéed the oil/weed/kief mix for about 10 minutes and then removed from the heat and poured through a tea strainer. I then used a eye dropper to suck up the warm coco oil and fill each cap again using the standard capsule making kit. I was worried the oil would melt the gelatin capsules but there was no problem. I popped the capsules out into a dish and placed it in the refrigerator to cool of and congeal back to Coco Butter. Coco butter stays solid up to about 75 degrees so there pretty easy to transport and the Dry caps can be carried in a pill bottle anywhere.


Jill and I both had 2 dry caps last night after dinner the effects came on very fast and hard but seemed to back off after just a few hours so we took 1 more each just before bedtime. I slept like a baby and had a slight hangover. The buzz was all body and as far as pain relief I can’t imagine a better delivery method. I am sure that the absorption of the dry product could be enhanced with other herbs and such so this report is more my experience with this method and not a definitive how to by any means.
I normally take my meds every other night to let my tolerance go down but I was anxious to try the Coco caps and the very next night we made some hot chocolate and took 2 caps each. I dont think I have ever had the throb in my knee go away so fast and even though I dont think I ever felt high from just 2 I am positive it reduced my pain level while allowing me to function normally. Jill also noted a good deal of relief from her Hip pain and the next day I noticed she had a harder time waking up and MzJill can out smoke any person I have ever met other than me so if she had a weed hangover these things are potent as hell.
Give these extraction methods a shot if you have some left over shake around or if you have old stoner lungs like me or if you need to medicate without firing up!

*Titrate Chemistry, determine strength of, or analyze, etc., by finding the smallest amount of the substance that will produce a given effect



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