I want to caution everyone again if you use Super Soil as directed don’t feed your damn plants!! I cant be more clear and even though I knew this I ignored my own advice (I do this a lot) and last crop was one of the worst ever as far as yield, amazingly Jill and I were just commenting that burning the plants with to much nutrients seemed to make everything finish faster? Lets hope there is not a lot of experience on this theory.

Over feeding is very common for a few reasons. People want to rush there plants and nutrient companies offer so many products and make such outrageous claims that people are easily swayed into trying every product on the market and over doing it.

I believe less is more and its better to under feed a strain and make small changes the next round. Knee jerk reactions and poorly planned feeding schedules can really affect your end product. When growing in soil changes do not happen rapidly so when you do decide for sure you have deficiencies allow some time for your corrections to take place.
I have seen people feed a plant that’s lacking and continue to do so each watering until they are now over feeding the plant by the time the plant has absorbed the first application.

In Smaller pots with larger plants it may be necessary to feed with Cal-Mag and possibly some Organic Bloom fertilizer around day 30-45 but I prefer to use top dressing as spelled out in that chapter.

If a certain strain shows early signs of nutrient deficiency then I will adjust the amount of Super Soil concentrate to take this added need into account. For example Space Queen always faded rapidly when using ½ concentrate and ½ potting soil but when we upped the amount of concentrate to ¾ the problem went away and yields went up.

In these pictures I have some plants started in roots soil as seedlings and I make the mistake of watering a few of the plants with water I used a few nights earlier to feed some plants a light bloom mix along with Sucanat sugar and Sweatleaf a sugar and citric acid product that I believe really enhances the taste of cannabis flowers. Even though the mix was mainly just sugars there was enough Pure Blend Bloom in the water to burn the young plants and give us a good idea of what not to do with young plants.

Notice the healthy plant that wasn’t watered with the solution but only clean pure water. Plants use small amounts of nutrients at first and almost any good soil especially one designed for growing cannabis will not need any of the many nutrients people use for seedlings.

If you havent heard of Sucanat It stands for Sugar Cane Natural. It’s sugar in its most natural form – pure cane juice with only the water removed. This process preserves all the vitamin-filled molasses.
The way it works is it gives carbohydrates to the plant. These carbohydrates would normally be made during photosynthesis, so it reduces the workload on the plant and all the extra carbohydrates can be used to build bud, and you also get the added benefit of the enhanced flavor of the weed. I am also convinced in increases resin production.
This works my taking advantage of the Krebs cycle.
The Krebs cycle is named, after the discoverer, German biochemist, Hans Adolph Krebs.

Within the Krebs cycle, energy in the form of ATP is usually derived from the breakdown of glucose. Since glucose can pass through cell membranes, it transports energy from one part of the plant to another. Hence the Sugars and carbohydrates we add at day 30 and day 45. I use 1 cup of Sucanat and ½ Cup Sweatleaf by Advanced Nutrients.

Most people that try this swear by it and it becomes part of their normal routine and day 30 and day 45.



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