You can’t travel more than 3 feet in Cannabis circles these days without hearing about some new Kush strain that’s all the rage. I for one am not a fan of the earthy taste of most of the popular Kush variety’s I have tried and that includes Chem Dawg and Headband grown by Chemdawg himself. I found all of his buds to be incredibly potent but they all shared that same taste that I think taste like acorns or hazelnuts. Over the past few years while we were creating strains like Vortex and Querkle our fans were urging us to come up with a TGA Kush strain like all the other breeders but I held out for something special. With the help of TGA we collected and grew out dozens of Kush cuts and even though many were very potent with high CBD ratio’s I would fail each one over taste and flavor. I do need to tell you about Space Dawg real quick so everyone understands the full story about my dislike of Kush’s in the past. One of the strains that Chemdawg brought down that I did like was the Snodawg and I actually created a test hybrid using his cutting combining it with Space Queen which we called Space Dawg. TGA gave every single seed away to say thank you to all our great fans and as a dig to another breeder who at the time was knocking of Chems gear and charging 300$ a pack. It may not have been the most mature thing I ever did but it was my way of replying to some comments made about me and MzJill and I called the strain, “The Reply”. I never released Space Dawg as a cross and not a single seed was ever sold. As people started growing out the freebie seeds I started getting feed back from growers telling me it was the Dankest thing they had ever smoked of mine and many telling me it was far better than the Snodawg. This always stuck with me that so many people thought the only Kush I worked with to be so special I kept a Kush Hybrid project in the back of my mind. Over a period of two years TGA team members scoured the medical states for a Kush Cutting that would impress me. This searching sometimes cost dearly as one particularly hard to acquire Hellfire OG cutting spread Mildew into Dioxides grow rooms and he spend a year and lost dozens of cuttings before he cleared the area of the spores. Many of these Kush cuttings are still being tested you may have seen one particularly beautiful Bubba Kush Cutting in the last addition of West Coast Cannabis in the Touch Shed article. If they pass my test you may see them appear in the medical community as test crosses soon.
Now that you have some history about my feelings on Kush hybrids enter a little Pink bud called Black Cherry Soda. One day Dioxide brought over a sample bud of a strain called Black Cherry Soda. The sample looked stunning being almost completely pink from the inside out. The smell was of a strong Black Berry Kush and the high was very pleasant. We acquired a cutting and after growing it out decided to try and add some potency and resin to a very unique set of traits mainly a plant with green leaves and pink calyx and the unusual smell and taste of the Black Cherry Soda. We outcrossed the BCS mother plant to three known males the Space Queen male known and ‘The Dude” the Jack the Ripper Male and also the Querkle male known as “Doc”. This is the best way to learn about a new mother plant by outcrossing and then growing out the sibling hybrids. The first cross completed was the BCS X “The Dude” and we gave it the test name ‘Pink Lady”. The strain was grown out my 10 medical growers documenting the results at Green Passion a medical website that I like to frequent as well as a number of medical growers locally at all different skill levels. Even half way through the reports starting coming in on the unique berry smell and about half of the female plants were showing signs of Pink and magenta Calyx.
I started six seeds myself and got 3 nice females that I grew out in super soil in 5 gallon pots. I left the plants un-topped and basically untouched except for routine maintenance like watering and supporting the branches with bamboo stakes. The two smaller females had the best berry smell and the deep Pink coloring and are my favorites over the larger more Indica dominant phenotype. I generally like the smaller plants more as they always have more resin. The total yield on all the females was still over 6 ounces for there size and placement under the 400 watt lamp I am pleased especially considering the quality. All the plants were completely frosted to the leaf tips and all of this “Sugar leaf” was trimmed off to and frozen to make bubble hash my favorite treat as a grower. After some consideration we changed the name of the hybrid to Plush Berry and it will be released next month in a new fancy magenta colored pack. A TGA Kush hybrid has been a long time coming and I am happy to share this new creation with the patient community. Look for Plush Berry and your local dispensary soon.

Make sure you check out my Youtube page for lots of cool videos of Plush Berry

Smoke Report on Just dried Plush Berry:
Buds are hard and Crunchy with a heavy coating of crystals, The chopped bud appears Pink inside with an overall Pink, Purple, Brown coloring the smell once broken up is even stronger. Passing around a small cut up pile MzJill says strong berries with hints of lemons I think it has a raspberry smell but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact is a very New smell for us. Loading a small bowl into a clean 16″ Tube loaded with ice:
The smell is fully delivered through the smoke and unlike some strains that smell good but lack flavor this new hybrid is the complete opposite. Very clean burning due to being fed only water for the full bloom cycle with sugars only being added at day 30 and day 40. It didn’t take but a few seconds for me to feel the first hit and the flavor is still lingering on my taste buds it is Very fun smoke. I can just barely taste the dry Kush flavor while its still present its covered up nicely by the berry and tart flavor. Its very fast acting because I have a silly grin on my face and the urge to sit back and relax has come over me. I was also listening to some Rock ( Candlebox) and I have switched over to Miles Davis now as it fits my mood better. I took a third hit and I think I am good very nice flavor and my head is in a great place. The only reason I will take a fourth rip is the flavor alone I nailed the taste I wanted and I am really enjoying this smoke even fresh and uncured. The high continued to build for about 1/2 hour and now at 2 hours its just starting to fade away. if I stopped moving I would most likely end up taking a nap.
[h=3]Plush Berry[/h]

Plush Berry is the first TGA offering from the Kush family. While this strain has a unique trait of Pink/Magenta Calyx this was not the motivating factor is the selection process, from the start it was all about taste and smell. The Black Cherry Soda carried a strong Black Berry smell and taste and our goal with this new Kush Hybrid was to use this terpene profile combined with Space Queen to increase potency and resin content. Tested under the name Pink Lady this new kush hybrid called Plush Berry has a very strong Blackberry smell and heavy resin coating. The coloring trait is present in high numbers and adds to the over all bag appeal of the strain but its the smell and taste that is truly unique in the field of Cannabis. One of a kind terpene profile.

1) Phenotypes- Two main varieties occur the smaller dreading pink phenotype is my favorite
The larger more Indica dominant phenotype is the heavy yielder
2) Height- Very tall when grown untopped from seed Clones topped tend to stay shorter
3) Yield- Medium yielding plant with lots of resin encrusted sugar leaf for hash making
4) Indoor/Outdoor
5) Best Way to Grow- Top and train into a bush.
6) Harvest Window-55-65 days
7) Sativa/ Indica 20/80
Hybrid- Black Cherry Soda X Space Queen
9)High type- Relaxing and heady very calming and good for stress
10) Taste like Black Berry Jam, Raspberries, Life Savers assorted pack, strong fruit over tones
11) Best Smelling plant I have ever grown



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