Romulan is one of those strains that has almost mythical status among growers and when I started doing research I found out there is not that much info available. First off I dug around at the old BCGA website and found this:
“It has been one of Vancouver Island’s best kept secrets for a few years. Up till about 18 months ago, Romulan Joe from the island was all Vancouver knew of Romulan. Then I showed about 18 months ago at HBC with some bud and photos looking for advice about good genetics to cross it with. Boy did I create a commotion. I was offered some serious dollars for a clone. I said no but that I would be happy to work something out with some seeds. For you breeders, take note that 18 months ago, Vancouver breeders did not have access to Romulan genetics. At that time both the Romulan that Joe was bringing to Vancouver and my Romulan was the same bud. About six months ago I returned and Vancouver’s Romulan was now more potent than mine but had lost some of its flavor”. Vic High It’s no secret that Vic is one of my favorite breeders and the fact he worked with Romulan already makes it special and then this year I was lucky enough to meet someone that has the cut and grows it in a greenhouse each year. The first bud I sampled was really impressive with a perfume oily smell that really got my attention from the very first bong hit. Pure Romulan is supposed to be a very stable plant that produces very uniform F1 hybrids. This combined with its amazing flavor prompted us to create a Hybrid using this clone only female Romulan and Space Queen. This will lock down the Romulan traits in large numbers and add some of the Romulan Funk to the sibling outcross. When we first got a cutting of the Romulan I was surprised at how slow it grew and initially I got a very poor yield but as I got to know her I learned she liked a lot of attention requiring additional time in veg and lots of shaping and bondage to form multiple tops and a wide bush. The first time I budded her I did not give her ample vegetive time and my yield was very low. I almost culled the plant but the smoke tasted so good and the buzz was so pleasant that I gave her another chance and asked Jem777 for another cutting. He was running out of room at his grow so instead of a cutting he shows up with a 24″ trained bush complete with LST and bondage. I had no room in the budding area so I continued to veg her until she was like 40″ tall with 6 heads by the time my crop finished and I made room for her. I
placed her under the 400 watt HPS with side lighting from both 1000 watt hoods on the sides and she just loved the cool temps and 1200 PPM of co2 I run in my bud room. She packed on the buds by week six and the smell was just unbelievable anytime you got close to her at all the fuck would just drift over and slap you in the face. She started fading around 50 days so I topped dressed the container with super soil and fed her some organic bloom solution as well as loading her with sugars. She continued to mature and by day 60 she was carpeted with oily resin glands that were about 40% amber telling me she was ready to harvest. Using this method I was able to increase her yield to just under 5 ounces in Super Soil. Romulan has quickly become one of our new favorite night time smokes. It has a awesome flavor and the Indica make up is perfect for un winding in the evening hours. It tends to bring on the munchies and a session is usually followed by a chocolate snack. Romulan will be staying around here as stash and also as one of our new mother plants.
1) Phenotypes Clone Only
2) Height- Short stocky branchy plant
3) Yield- better than average with proper training
4) Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
5) Best way to grow- Multiple topping and training
into a wide bush
6) Harvest Window- 8 weeks
7) Sativa/Indica 30/70
Hybrid- BGCA Original
9) High type- Heavy and comforting great for sleep
and relaxation
10) Smells Floral and Oily with a spicy pine after
11) Comments Thanks Vic High!



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