Over 30 years of growing Cannabis I have noticed a few patterns emerging
I have noticed that plants like this that are literally done growing at harvest always taste better but more importantly are simply more dank! Healthy plants at the end are easier to trim and deff beefy but why is it a plant such as this that almost looks dead has such perfect reefer on it?

I saw a thread online the other day titled Hydro VS Organics. I did not reply as this argument is as old as Methuselah. We could debate this for eons It pretty obvious that the water boys out yield the mud boggers in the world but my days of Grams per watt are long gone. I run the same strains over and over and my goal each run is to make slight changes in my soil make up to determine when fading starts. To soon and the plant is green at finish and lacks flavor although I notice yields are better. To little and the fade starts so early that all the leaves fall off and yields suffer. The perfect blend will allow fading early in week 6-7 and continue to week 8 and beyond.

I have a theory you can laugh at. Its called infinite dankage, lets just say a plant has a determined amount of what we call dank. I don’t think I need to define this. It seems to me that a faded plant will produce less total mass there fore creating more dank per gram on the plant? Does this make any since. Have you ever grew w plant that was just sickly as hell all yellow and faded, but have the bud from this plant taste better than normal? I am curious if others experience this.

The pictures are of the famous strain Apollo-13 taken at 60 days, the far end of her harvest window. This entire plant is head stash so I decided to make it as good as I know how.

I am smoking some scissor hash from trimming these upper nugs this am and I can tell you its as extreme as you’d want. The first small hunk took my breath and pumped out 3 huge hits of almost perfume tasting hash. It’s a bit like smoking channel #5 but there is also a fruity essence as well. A-13 make phenomenal Bubble is all I can say. It cannot be compared to anything I have ever smoked. As good as Vortex is, I prefer the bud smoke more than the mother, Momma still is the tops as far as resin is concerned it has a flavor and consistency like no other. Its shards up on scissors like clay or plumbers putty and has a deep red color.

Her downside is trimming. Imagine trimming this girl. I spend a good 4 hours on just the upper portion last night. The buds are covered in swirling curled sticky leaves that take loads of concentration and small scissors to clean up. I focus hard to remove all the sugar leaf as my main goal here is Bubble! I have noticed that actual sugar leaf makes the best hash. When I use pure bud I never get the same yields as with trim leaf. I think it’s almost a waste. So my buds get cleaned well to make more A-Bubble.



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